Food Tips How to Cook the Perfect Steak

4 Best Ways to Cook the Perfect Steak 100% Delicious


Best ways to cook steak. No matter the cut of meat you like, you must always pay close attention when cooking your beef. Timing is key when cooking steak and a few minutes is what makes the difference between rare and well done. This is one of the reasons I have put together this summary of tips to help you from beginning to end when cooking steak.

How to cook the perfect steak

There are a lot of different ways to cooking steak so you do not have to limit yourself.  And while you can enjoy your steak in a variety of delicious ways to cook steak, these tips are going to be guiding you through properly grilling steak.

So cooking a steak What are tips for grilling a steak?

Here is the article best tips for make a perfect steak 100% delicilious.

Marinate The Steak

How to cook the perfect steak? When it comes to marinating steaks, you should keep in mind the most basic rule to follow, which is that you should always include an acidic liquid (such as vinegar or wine, so it can break down the muscle fibers in the meat cut), oil, flavorings of your choice (herbs, spices, or sweeteners) and best steak for grilling.

You can buy pre-made marinade mixes in the store, but it’s better and healthier to make your own.
Here are tips on how to properly marinate your steak:

  1. The first step to cooking the perfect steak: Place olive oil, soy sauce, juice, Worcester sauce, basil, garlic powder, pepper, and parsley in an exceedingly liquidizer. you’ll be able to add garlic and hot Poivrade if desired.
    Blend on high speed till totally mixed for thirty seconds.
  2. The second step to make the perfect steak Once you’ve got properly mixed your marinade, it’s able to be used on your meat. Pour marinade over meat and confirm the marinade covers the whole meat.
  3. The third step to grilling the perfect steak: You can massage the meat to help the penetration of the mixture, then cover, and refrigerate from a pair of to twenty four hours.
  4. The four step to There are countless marinade recipes you will strive looking on your preference, however the one higher than may be a nice one to possess to be had.

Selecting the most effective pan

If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you are trying to find tips on how best to cook your steak. I recommend frying, although you can grill it if you prefer or even cook on a stove or oven.

One of the commonly made mistakes when cooking steak is cooking it in the wrong choice of pan.
To fry your steak, you will need high temperatures so your pan of choice should be a thick-based, heavy-duty frying pan, ideally with a non-stick coating, which must be able to withstand the heat needed to fry the steak properly.[2] Cast iron griddles or skillets are the top choice and be sure to use the appropriate pan with enough room.

However, if your pan isn’t big enough for all your steaks, don’t crowd the pan, cook them one or two at a time or in batches. This will let them rest as you cook the other batches, making certain that they ar all parched properly.

Choosing the Oil

You should use peanut oil to cook the cut. peanut oil features a gentle flavor, which might create your cut a lot of gratifying. Some folks wish to use butter and you’ll be able to use that if you like.
When the pan heats up, add a splash of oil on to the pan.

Once the oil starts separating on the pan, it’s hot enough to feature the cut. confirm to feature the cut once the oil is hot – if the oil is just too cool once the cut is additional, your cut might prove under-browned and greasy.

Dressing the cut

Moments before putting the cut into the pan, sprinkle some ocean salt and black pepper onto a plate, then press the cut into the seasoning. However, if you’re glad with simply marinating, you’ll be able to skip this step and press on to fry the cut.

How does one like it?

  1. Blue-rare
  2. Rare
  3. Medium-rare
  4. Medium
  5. Medium-well
  6. Well-done
  7. For a cooked cut, looking on the thickness of the cut, you must cook it for concerning 4-5 minutes on all sides.

Leave it to rest

This is a vital step. once change of state the cut, it ought to be left to rest at temperature for a minimum of 5 minutes.


Now you’ll be able to dish out the cut. It is accompanied with something, as well as salads.

Food Tips How to Cook the Perfect Steak

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