24 Ways Freelance Writers Can Stop Wasting Time and Become More Productive

24 Ways Freelance Writers Can Stop Wasting Time and Become More Productive


TrendingCips.com – 24 Ways Freelance Writers Can Stop Wasting Time and Become More Productive. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines… As a freelance writer deadlines literally become your middle name. Every single morning many freelance writers wake up to endless deadlines that must be met before the end of the business day and sometimes even sooner and if you’re like me that can be a bit overwhelming.

As a full-time mom, wife, freelancer and everything in between I often struggle with finding balance in order to do it all and do it all well so I made it my mission to create a brand new system that I believed would help me not only become more productive but would eliminate a lot of wasted time.

#1. Waking Up Early 

I take pride in being a morning person but I realized that even waking up at 7am was not helping me increase my productivity as a freelance writer, especially when everyone else in my house also woke up at 7am. One morning I decided to suck it up and wake up at 4am and my productivity went through the roof. Not only was I able to complete a ton of work but I was able to complete it without any interruption because no one in my house (or perhaps in the world) is up at 4:00am.

#2. Cutting Social Media Off

Cutting social media off when I need to beat deadlines has been pivotal to my freelance writing career. Often times, social media has been a major distraction for me and a place I can easily jump to when I am severely procrastinating. In fact, statistics actually prove that using social media decreases overall work productivity and that alone forced me to download several apps that will shut social media down for me when I don’t have enough self control to do it myself.

#3. Time Tracking

I had no idea just how much time I was wasting every single day until I forced myself to start using apps that allow me to create my own timesheet. As a former employee for several fortune 500 companies I used to hate tracking my time but now as a freelance writer I have noticed that it’s even more important now than ever before. Every minute I now waste as a freelancer is literally money that I’m wasting and nobody wants to waste money right?

#4. Taking Mental Breaks

So I know we’re talking about increasing productivity but you literally cannot be as productive as you would like if you are not taking time for breaks. As a writer I often get so caught up in my assignments I forget to take breaks and do you know what ends up happening? Writer’s block forces me to take a break and writer’s block is a writer’s worst nightmare. Studies after studies have been conducted that have actually proved that taking breaks increases productivity. Do yourself a favor, take a break.

#5. Automation Is Your Friend

Seriously, automation is really your friend and if used correctly can actually be your best friend. As freelance writers there are lots of things that we obviously can never automate including the work we do every single day; however, we can automate some of those other tasks that we waste so much time on including: social media posts, emails, pitches, etc.

When it comes to automation one trick that I have found to be successful is to literally take a day (for me it’s Sunday) and automate my social media content posts and also all of my pre-written blog posts for the week. That way it’s one less thing I have to worry about when trying to beat deadlines.
While my system hasn’t been 100% perfected I have seen my productivity climb over the last few months and that alone deserves a pat on the back.

6. solely create One Page

You are your brand, therefore there’s no need to create one page per book or product.

Create a page for your career as a full, and switch it into associate info hot spot for your niche/genre.

7. Personalize Your Facebook Page universal resource locator (FB URL)

Choose a custom universal resource locator that’s either your name or your brand (or constant name you utilize on the remainder of your social media accounts).

8. Create a Stellar cover photo

Your cover photo shouldn’t solely trance your target market, it ought to be the visual illustration of what your writing career stands for.

For nonfictional prose writers, you’ll be able to embrace your brand name and elevator pitch. For fiction writers, you’ll be able to embrace your name and therefore the genres you concentrate on.

Switch it up throughout every career milestone to keep thing interesting.

(And in fact, confirm to follow Facebook’s cowl picture tips.)

9. Post No quite three Times Per Day

According to brother Media, pages that post one – a pair of times per day receive four-hundredth higher engagement from their followers than pages that share over three posts per day.

10. Keep Your Updates crisp

Posts around a hundred characters or less receive higher engagement rates than longer posts.

11. Raise straightforward queries

Simple queries equal the next engagement rate.
If your followers will answer your question quickly and move onto their next task, they’ll be a lot of seemingly to participate within the discussion.

12. Post Fill-in-the-Blanks

Fill-in-the-blank sentences ar a fun and simple thanks to interact along with your audience.

Followers can post humourous one-liners or supply associate honest scrutinize World Health Organization they’re, serving to you to higher cater to their wants within the future.

13. Post picture Caption Contests

Post pictures as they relate to one thing happening to your character. Have your followers fill within the dialogue.

14. Post Calls-to-Action

Describe a situation from one among your books, and raise your followers what they might neutralize constant state of affairs.

Example: “Click “like” if you’d try this, or “share” if you’d do this.”

15. Learn Facebook’s picture Sizes Off by memory

There’s nothing longer overwhelming than having to appear up correct image filler on every occasion you wish to transfer a photograph to Facebook.

Memorize this list of Facebook image sizes therefore you’ll be able to fluently add photos to your timeline.

16. Post Compelling Photos

I bet you didn’t see this one coming back. ??

Use photos to showing emotion connect along with your audience, share a sub-rosa look of what’s occurring along with your work-in-progress, or link the picture to a remarkable on-line destination.

17. Share The Quirks In Your artistic method

Your followers are going to be compelled to remain up-to-date with you and support your writing career if they want you’re sincerely connected to your fans.

Share unconventional elements of your artistic method, funny orthography mistakes you found once redaction, etc. Have fun!

18. Avoid employing a Third Party App once change

According to Mari Smith, after you use a 3rd party app to update your Facebook page, your posts receive less visibility on the news feed.

Even though it won’t continuously be attainable, do your best to update your Facebook page manually.

19. Tell Your Fans What to try to to

The question your followers can raise directly when “What’s in it for Maine?” is “What does one wish me to do?”

After process what your post can mean to them, recommend what to try to to with it.

Example: Post three samples of your forthcoming book cowl, and have your followers “like” their favorite.

20. Funnel Followers To Your list

Obviously, one among your huge finish goals is to sell your writing.

In order to try to to that, you’ll need to flip your Facebook followers into subscribers, therefore you’ll be able to systematically detain bit concerning forthcoming books and alternative promotions.

Always (always!) confirm your web site address is a component of your bio, and embrace a call-to-action to encourage them to subscribe.

21. Drop What Doesn’t Work

Immediately. you would possibly assume your post ideas ar wonderful, however if your followers don’t bite, don’t irritate them.

Check on your Facebook page insights sporadically to seek out out that posts receive the foremost responses, and drop something that’s attracting tumbleweeds.

22. Don’t Obsess
Checking your statistics each fifteen seconds isn’t reaching to create a lot of traffic return to your page.

Focus instead on making a regular routine your followers will rely upon. Ironically, by not that specialize in the numbers, they’ll grow well.

23. Reply whereas You’re Waiting

Instead of twiddling your thumbs in a very lounge or line, place them to sensible use by replying to Facebook comments via your mobile phone.

When you get home, you’ll be able to dedicate it slow on the pc to writing your next masterpiece.

24. apprehend wherever You’re Going

Most significantly, apprehend wherever you wish your Facebook page and alternative social media accounts to require you.

Are you a freelance writer? How do you increase productivity? I want to hear about it. Leave your comments below.

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