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50+ Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts Keys to Work Faster in Web Browser

61 views – Mozilla Firefox shortcuts keys. We all know that Mozilla Firefox is one in all the foremost exacting and popular internet browsers within the world. people are freely using Mozilla Firefox on their Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones, and Tablets etc. in keeping with the Survey organized by Wikipedia, Mozilla Firefox is third most usable web browser within the world.

Wikipedia’s Survey report of best internet Browser:

35.68% people are surfing web through Google Chrome
31.26% people are surfing web through internet explorer
22.38% people are surfing web through Mozilla Firefox

Do you realize Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an associate exclusive product of the Mozilla Corporation. And this Mozilla Foundation relates to the category of internet web browser. Mozilla Firefox is completely created for varied operational systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android. it’s freely distributed for surfing the web. This Browser is one in all the foremost effective and super quick open source browsers. Currently, approx 450 million users are using Mozilla Firefox within the world.

Firstly, Mozilla Firefox was introduced on November 9, 2004, in seventy nine totally different languages, that is licensed to Mozilla Public License (MPL). Mozilla Firefox is inscribed in few basic languages like C, C++, JavaScript, XUL, XBL, and CSS. One interesting thing, Mozilla Firefox is offered with totally different size for many operational Systems like Microsoft Windows -18 MB, android – 19 MB, OS X – 34 MB and Linux – 21 MB.

Best features of Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Option incognito Browsing.
  2. Geo-Location Browsing.
  3. Availability of good Keywords.
  4. Password Manager functions.
  5. Spell Checking works directly in websites.
  6. Find feature embark with a simple keystroke.
  7. Available with Super Speed and Crash Protection.
  8. Bookmark Button for Manage your bookmarks.
  9. Integrated Google Search and search Suggestions.
  10. Easily Supports the Third-Party Extensions.
  11. Download Manager (With a pause and resume feature).
  12. In on top of mentioned points, we tend to knew about Mozilla Firefox, now its time to
  13. grasp some attention-grabbing Shortcuts of Mozilla Firefox to work quicker in a web browser.

50 Mozilla Firefox shortcuts

So…What are the Mozilla Firefox shortcuts keys?

Here is the post-Mozilla Shortcut keys:

  1. Ctrl + N: Open a New WindowCtrl + T: Open a New Tab (firefox homepage shortcut)
  2. Ctrl + L: Location Bar
  3. Ctrl + Enter: Open Location Bar in New Tab
  4. Ctrl + K: Switch to Search Bar
  5. Ctrl + E: Focus to Search bar
  6. Ctrl + O: Open a File from the local directory
  7. Ctrl + Tab or Page Down: Forward Cycle
  8. Ctrl + Tab+ Shift (or Page Up): Reverse Cycle
  9. Ctrl + 1 to 9: Switch to tab with related opening
  10. Ctrl + W: To Close the opened Window or Tab
  11. Ctrl + Shift + W: To Close the Opened Window
  12. Ctrl + P: Print
  13. Ctrl + S: To Save the Web Page to hard drive
  14. Ctrl + F: Find
  15. Ctrl + G: Find Next
  16. Ctrl + Shift + G: Find Previous
  17. Ctrl + B: To Open Bookmarked Toolbar
  18. Ctrl + I: To Open Bookmarked Items
  19. Ctrl + H: For Opening the History page
  20. Ctrl + R: Reload
  21. Ctrl + Shift + R: Reload Current Page
  22. Ctrl + U: For Opening the Page Source
  23. Ctrl + D: Bookmark Current Web Page
  24. Ctrl + Plus (+): For Increasing the Size of Text
  25. Ctrl + Equals (=): For Increasing the Size of Text
  26. Ctrl + Minus (-): For Decreasing the Size of Text
  27. Ctrl + Zero (0): For Setting the Default Text Size
  28. Ctrl + M: For Opening New Message in Mail Client
  29. Ctrl + J: View Downloaded Files
  30. Alt+ D: To Focus on the Location bar
  31. Alt+ Left (or BackSpace): Switch to Back
  32. Alt+ Right: Switch to Forwarding
  33. Alt+ Home: Switch to Homepage
    Note: the shortcuts from (35) to (41) is applicable for Menu Bar
  34. Alt+ F: Open File
  35. Alt+ E: Open Edit
  36. Alt+ T: Open Tools
  37. Alt+ V: Open View
  38. Alt+ H: Open Help
  39. Alt+ B: Open Bookmarks
  40. Alt+ R: Open Related Links
  41. Shift+ F3: Find Previous
  42. Shift+ F6: Switch to Previous
  43. Shift+ Enter: Open Location
  44. Shift+ Backspace: Switch Forward
  45. F3: Find
  46. F5: Reload or Refresh
  47. F6: Switch to Next
  48. Apostrophe ( ‘ ): To Find Links
  49. Esc: To Stop Loading Current Page
  50. Slash ( /): To Find Text

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