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6 Steps to Stop Videos From Playing Automatically in Safari on Mac


Disable video autoplay/Disable video streaming. Safari stop autoplay, Autoplay video is encountered frequently once browsing the internet, and lots of websites can begin blasting you with video and sound as before long you load a web page.

this could be nice for a few websites and videos, however, it can also be frustrating or unwanted.
A hidden setting in safari makes disabling autoplay video to be pretty easy on the Mac, therefore if you’d prefer to stop the auto-playing videos there’s a choice to do exactly that.

So…What are the steps how to stop videos from automatically? how to turn off autoplay videos? can I block video autoplay?

Here is the post how to disable autoplay in Safari.

How to stop videos from automatically autoplay Safari

A quick necessary note: in current versions of safari (anything before High Sierra) if you decide on to stop autoplay video then each video in safari would require user interaction before it can be played.

Typically this implies you want to click the video then click the play button to begin the video. All autoplaying videos are going to be stopped, however so is that the ability to only simply press the play button to begin any video, instead it’ll be a two-step play method needed to play video.

you’ll be able to try out the setting below and see if it works for you, if not then it’s even as straightforward to disable and return to the default choices of permitting autoplay and inline video again.

Trick to stop All Autoplay Video in safari on mac

How to stop videos from automatically playing? By dynamical this setting which can stop autoplaying videos, all other videos in hunting expedition would require user action before they will be played.

The steps given below will guide you to how to stop videos from automatically playing (Safari):

1. Quit out of safari on the mac

2. Open the Terminal app in MacOS as found in /Applications/Utilities/

3. Enter the subsequent syntax precisely, this enables the debug menu in Safari:

defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu one

4. Hit the return to execute the defaults command

5. Open safari on the mac and pull down the new enabled “Debug” menu and visit the “Media Flags” submenu, then select “Disallow inline video”

Stop Autoplay Video in safari for mac

6. Reload / refresh any existing webpages to own the setting go.

You can strive it yourself, load any webpage wherever a video would automatically play and it’ll now not do therefore.

Remember that after you disable “inline video” (and so, auto-play video) you’re really stopping the ability for safari to play any Internet Web Browser video by default while not user interaction.

This means even YouTube videos and Vimeo videos won’t load mechanically until you click on them to play them. Some users could find this to too cumbersome to handle and so can want to re-enable inline video and auto-play video.

Re-Enable and permit Inline Video & Video Autoplay in safari on mac

If you enabled the previous setting and notice it to be too cumbersome to play different videos on the Web Browser, simply reverse the change by toggling the menu choice again:

In Safari, pull down the “Debug” menu and return to the “Media Flags” submenu Choose “Disallow inline video” again in order that it now not includes a checkbox next to that.

enable allow inline video safari mac.

Refresh any existing open webpages for the change to carry over

Toggling the setting once more can allow all internet videos to play as was common while not a further step of user interaction, but will re-allow auto-playing videos on webpages too.

* safari in MacOS high sierra 10.13 onward includes an easier to access auto-play video disabling ability. Thus, this tip is most relevant to earlier versions of MacOS and earlier releases of safari.

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