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6 Ways to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes Sync

65 views – How to add or copy music to iphone without itunes. How to add Apple is one in all the foremost popular and one in all the foremost demanded mobiles and tablet manufacturer, iPhone one in all the best ending device.

How to add music without itunes? iTune is that the music store for Apple’s device and recently iTune 12.3.2 has been released. the foremost irritating thing about iTune is you can’t just simply drag and drop a music file (mp3 or different format) into their iPhone through iTunes and plenty of individuals get frustrated because of it.

How to copy music player for iphone without itunes? iTune synchronize is helpful to iPhone/iPod/iPad users. Let me provide you with a decent news those who don’t know there’s a setting in iTunes wherever you’ll manually manage your music files so you’ll simply copy your music files straight into iPhone while not syncing, just by simply dragging and dropping files. during this article we are going to tell you regarding how you’ll copy music files to iPhone while not iTunes synchronize.

So…how to copy music without itunes? can me get music on iphone without itunes?

Here is the post how to put music on iphone without itunes or computer, it’s easy to transfer songs without itunes.

The steps given below will guide you to manage iphone music without itunes:

How to copy music files to iPhone without iTunes sync

Music on iphone without itunes ~ The setting is named “Manually manage music and videos” and you’ll find it on the summary tab of the iOS device when you plug it in. Then you’ve got to easily click on the box that says “Manually manage music and videos under the options heading otherwise you may need to scroll down to reach this area.

Let me inform you that this can take away or erase all of your music and videos that are currently on your iOS device. therefore you need to save all of your music and video files so synchronize the device to use this feature.

Then proceed and currently you’ve got to only drag and drop a music file straight into your phone through iTunes. This method also apply on iTune 12.3.2, you only have to do is connect your iPhone via cable so click on the iPhone button on the top right corner of iTunes.

Then visit the Music area through the sidebar on the left. That’s it currently you’ll drag and drop your mp3 or different music files into your iPhone through the songs list on the right. you also have the choice to pull and drop a song from your Music library on iTunes straight to the iPhone rather to open a Windows individual and find your music file.

You have to only search and find the song you prefer from the iTunes search so drag-and-drop the song on the Library area to the iPhone button. Overlay window should slide from the right wherever you’ll drop the song.

That’s it this can be method how you’ll easily copy music files to iPhone without iTunes synchronize. The procedure that we’ve mentioned during this article is one in all the most simple and easy procedure as long as you manually manage your music and videos, then you don’t have to do the previous trick of having a play list so synchronize that play list to your iPhone. Do share your views and comment about article: how to put music on iphone without itunes.


Follow these steps to manually manage music and videos on your iPhone:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your first computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Select the iPhone using the Device menu in the top-left.
  4. Click the Summary option and select Manually Manage Music and Videos.
  5. Click Apply.

5 Alternative to tranfer music without iTunes:

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Method 2: Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone without iTunes – iTunes iOS App
Method 3: Add Music to iPhone without iTunes Mac – Streaming Music Services
Method 4: Put Music on iPhone without iTunes Mac – Local Media Player
Method 5: Sync Music to iPhone without iTunes Mac – Cloud Services

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