Compress 1Gb file to 1Mb?

Compress Large File 1GB into 1MB with KGB Archiver


1gb to 1mb compressor

TrendingCips.comKGB archiver. A lot of individuals ask this question, Is it possible to compress the 1Gb file to 1Mb? I actually have a just one-word answer, affirmative you’ll compress a 1Gb file to 1Mb on a zip file.

these days I’m reaching to introduce you one among the most effective software system that converts the 1Gb file into 1Mb, file format doesn’t matter it compress any type file like a game, video, MP3, document and etc to zip file.

I am talking concerning KGB Archiver, that is a really wonderful tool to compress any file up to ninety-nine. Before I begin a way to use this software let me introduce concerning file compression.

What is Compression?

KGB archiver ~ KGB file Compressor Compressing is an art of reducing the size of a file while not corrupting one constituent system files. tho’ there is various software tool obtainable on Google that may compress files and reduces its size, however, the potency is comparatively low.

File reducer, any file that contains one or additional files or directory that’s smaller than their original file size is understood as a compressed file. The most common format of compressed files are .ZIP file,TAR file , .arc, .sea and plenty of additional.

Why KGB Archiver is that the best file compressor?

– it’s 100% free and simple to use.

– No serial key’s needed to activate it.

– It will compress at a rate of ninety-nine potency.

– It will create a password protected the compressed file.

– it’s the flexibility of self-extracting archives.

– it’s compatible with several extensions. one among them is .zip.

– The Unicode is supported in each file systems as well as in interface.

– it’s in several languages like English, Chinese, Russian, etc.
Now, let’s begin how to compress 1GB File into a 1MB file. Below are few steps of File compression process:

So…how to compress large files? how to compress files 1gb to 1mb?

Here is the post compress large files to small file with KGB archiver.

The steps given below will guide you to how to compress large files:

How to compress 1GB File into 1MB file


First of all, you would like an application .exe that is named KGB Archive, download and install this free software on your pc.


Install KGB Archiver and open it, you’ll see the screen one thing like this.

KGB archive file Compressor


Now tick on compress files and click on next as shown in higher than image.


Choose KGB format from archive format and choose maximum compression level as shown in image

Archive format


Click on ADD file, when clicking on next compression can begin.

NOTE: Time can rely on the size and Level of compression it’ll take more time in maximum compression level.

So guys, what does one suppose now?

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