Corona Virus Prediction from an Ayurvedic Text that is 5000 Years Old


Trendingcips.com –Does an Indian doctor claim an ancient Indian Ayurvedic text describes a virus almost like the present coronavirus, but are the newly presented correlations just headline-grabbing?

Smita Naram is an Indian doctor who founded Ayushakti Ayurvedic therapy and therefore the subsequent empire of hospitals that claim to possess treated “more than 1 million people from 108 countries” affected by a variety of ailments including asthma, arthritis, diabetes, stress, obesity, and infertility to call but a couple of.

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All this with “detoxing panchakarma therapies” (we’ll come to that) and customized diet plans supplemented with herbal medicines.

And now the scientist claims the same contagion to coronavirus was detailed in 5,000-year-old ancient scriptures – the ‘ Charak Samhita ’.

So…What is the post about coronavirus prediction by old text?

This is a post prediction from ayurvedic text about coronavirus.

The post given below will guide you to learn all about the prediction coronavirus from the ayurvedic text that is 5000 years old.


Did The Ayurvedic Text Really say Coronavirus?

A specific chapter of this Ayurvedic scripture called “Krimi” details the way to stop an ancient pathogen called “Maha Sukshnma” from spreading among humans.

It had been recorded as being so small that it couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, meaning the viral enemy was so minuscule that physicians required “special instruments” to check it, and this was “5,000 years ago!” said Naram. “It was rather unbelievable,” she said.

I am glad Dr. Naram said it because “unbelievable” was the very word I used to be thinking myself, knowing that many ancient texts from around the world talk about epidemics, viruses, and plagues.

The claim got me asking myself why is that this text any different from the vagaries of all the others?

This is when Dr. Naram would get excited and means that the Charaka Samhita also said this pathogen would affect the systema respiratorium of patients.

Furthermore, the disease’s “classic symptoms” were noted as being severe congestion, breathlessness, and a cough. According to the spiritual healer/doctor, the traditional scripture is obvious that this infection could end in the sufferer’s death, India Today reports.

There is no arguing that the correlations between the disease described within the Ayurvedic scripture and therefore the current coronavirus are attention pulling, and not altogether uninteresting, but watching the traditional description differently, didn’t it simply describe the cold, which in past would have caused these disastrous symptoms and effects?


The Scientists “Ayurveda-Coronavirus” Links Deepen

Various spices and herbs for Ayurveda treatments

Deepening the associative layers, and intrigue, between the traditional Ayurvedic scripture and therefore the modern virus, as per the scripture: the amount a method to stop the spread of the disease was to “isolate” patients, who shouldn’t be fed with foods to stop the disease-causing pathogen becoming stronger which a preventative measure is “ immunity enhancement”.

Doctors working for Dr. Naram have detailed “three ways by which this infection are often prevented,” and therefore the company website claims, “many scientific reports” have proven that ingredients like pomegranate peel, kalmegh, tulsi, shunt, and douching can “enhance the immune power, kill all kinds of viral infections and stop the viral attacks remarkably well”.

As the science dilutes and therefore the magic thickens, let’s not shy away from questioning these claims, for it’s now the age of reason and never quite now should scientists, the new high priests of society, need to stand beside their public claims, before but one among us rejects mainstream advice for pomegranate peels.


Chinese Traditional Medicine And Indian Magic versus Science

Detoxification is a form of alternative medicine

We, the typical western reader, must plan to separate fact from fantasy, similarly to once we judge the validity of a Chinese medical supplement, whereby western scientists have proven ginger does indeed have anti-septic properties and can nearly always relieve an upset tummy, these same scientists also know that Rhino horn is not any replacement for 50mgs of Viagra.

The problem we’ve here is, returning to “detoxing panchakarma therapies”, all the proposed alternative therapies revolve around “detoxing” which a piece of writing within the Guardian published as far back as 2014 presented the work of scientists who had found out that there’s “no scientific thanks to detoxifying your own system”.

95% of what we thought we knew about “toxins” was no quite medical mythology designed to sell “detox pills” and regimens, to folk who find complexity in going for a walk.

Detoxification may be a sort of medicine. (WallpaperFlare / Public Domain)


A Seed of Sense Buried In Nonsense?

On the opposite hand, strengthening one’s system, because the Indian doctors say, is scientifically (western orthodox) proven to assist folk inflicted with coronavirus, but perhaps instead of wasting valuable time mixing up fruit peel drinks, everyone should be told the importance of losing weight, eating less, and trying to urge the maximum amount exercise as possible.

Why? Because what’s rising from the stats is that the amount one condition putting people at greater risk of developing complications isn’t heart condition or smoking, and neither is it genetic or a blood group, but obesity.

According to Obesity.org the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that “Obesity-related conditions seem to worsen the effect of COVID-19”, meaning a BMI over 25.

Furthermore, obese people that become ill and need medical care “present challenges inpatient management because it is harder to intubate patients with obesity”.

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Medical complications of obesity could make the coronavirus worse in some individuals

Medical complications of obesity could make the coronavirus worse in some individuals. (Smallman12q / property right )

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Furthermore, what else the traditional text didn’t mention is that coronavirus would kill quite 154,000 people worldwide with the entire number of COVID-19 patients having risen to over 2.2 million, nor did it mention suffering, prolonged anxiety, and therefore the entire reshaping of the worldwide economy.

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