Psychopomp: Crossing Over Part of Ancient Ghostlore


Trendingcips.comCrossing Over Part of Ancient Ghostlore. Modern science has, for the last two centuries, replaced most of the spirits, entities, demons, and ghosts of the traditional world with logical explanations demonstrated through scientific experimentation, but there’s no arguing that folks within the ancient world mostly believed the human soul existed elsewhere after death, in an afterlife, which the standard of the soul’s next life depended greatly on how their bodily remains were disposed of after death, evident in preservation methods like mummification.

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A psychopomp refers to an entity that guides the soul to cross over the realm of the afterlife.


Carved relief during a funerary lekythos at Athens depicting Hermes as psychopomp accompanying the ghost of Myrrhine into Hades at National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Ancient Ghostlore

According to the Ancient Encyclopedia, ghosts appear within the cultures of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Mesoamerica, and everyone over the Celtic world, and while descriptions of afterlives differ from culture to culture, often from village to village, ghosts of the dead seen at their mortal lands and properties were intercepted as omens of things during this reality being ‘out of alignment,’ or anomalies within the spiritual world and great steps were taken to help tormented souls on their way to the opposite side and to clear these perceived blockages within the flow of crossover to the opposite world.

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According to a 2009 study by the Pew research facility, 18% of modern Americans believe they need to see a ghost. Today these apparitions are most frequently called: spirits, phantoms, wraiths, poltergeists, and specters, and that they are generally believed to be the restless souls or spirits of dead people.

However, all modern ghostlore is founded upon the worship of ancient cultures who had an animated belief system and associated ghosts with specific locations, things, and other people that they had interacted with while alive.

It’s within the spiritual sciences of past civilizations where one finds the traditional origins of the otherworldly agents who make things ‘go bump within the night’.


Opening of the mouth ceremony from Ancient Egyptian Papyrus from the Book of the Dead of Hunefer


Weighing The Soul In Ancient Egypt

All sightings of ghosts in ancient Egypt were reported with haste to the high priests who deemed these occurrences as being of the best prophetic importance.

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