Hera and Zeus : A Match for the First Couple of Genesis?


There is no Creator-God within the Greek non secular system. Ancient Greek faith gets faraway from the God of Genesis and exalts mankind because the live of all things.

You may assume to yourself that the Greeks are inspiring gods, not man; however haven’t you ever puzzled why the Greek gods looked precisely like humans? the solution is that the obvious one: for the foremost half, the gods delineated the Greeks’ (and our) human ancestors. Greek faith was therefore a awfully sophisticated style of worship.

The Greek word for gods is theoi , literally that means placers. The Greek gods are deified human ancestors who place their man-centered faith in place. Must read: √ The Epic Story of Ivar Boneless (Viking)

In Plato’s Euthydemus (at 302d), philosopher remarked Zeus, Athena, and Greek deity as his “gods” and as his “lords and ancestors.” Greek stories regarding their origins are varied and generally contradictory till their poets and artists gift Zeus and Hera because the couple from whom the opposite Olympian gods and mortal men are descended.


This husband/wife combine, the king and queen of the gods, are a match for the Adam and Eve of Genesis. Zeus and Hera are the start of the family of man, and also the origin of the family of the Greek gods. With no Creator-God within the Greek non secular system, the first couple advances to the forefront.

According to the Book of Genesis, Eve is that the mother of all humans , and the better half of Adam. in an exceedingly hymn of invocation, the vi th century before Christ lyric writer, Alcaeus, refers to Hera as “mother of all.” because the initial wife, the Greeks loved Hera because the divinity of marriage; because the initial mother, the Greeks loved her because the divinity of childbearing.

We are told in Chapter a pair of of Genesis that Eve was created grown out of Adam. Before she was referred to as Hera, the better half of Zeus had the name Dione. The name relates to the creation of Eve out of Adam, for Dione is that the female style of Dios, the genitive style of Zeus. this means that the 2, like Adam and Eve, were once one entity.

Hera is that the single mother of all humanity, and Zeus is, in line with Hesiod, “the father of men and gods.” The term “father Zeus” could be a description of the king of the gods that seems over one hundred times within the ancient writings of Homer. because the supply of their history, Zeus/Adam and Hera/Eve became the gods of their history. Those while not a belief within the Creator have solely nature, themselves, and their progenitors to exalt.

From the Judeo-Christian viewpoint, the taking of the fruit by Eve and Adam at the serpent’s bidding was shameful, a transgression of God’s commandment. From the Greek viewpoint, however, the taking of the fruit was a triumphant and liberating act that delivered to mankind the serpent’s enlightenment.

To the Greeks, the serpent was an admirer of humankind who freed them from bondage to an oppressive God and was thus a savior and illuminator of our race. The Greeks loved Zeus as each a savior and illuminator; they referred to as him Zeus Phanaios that means one who seems as lightweight and brings lightweight. the sunshine that Zeus delivered to the ancient Greeks was the serpent’s “enlightenment” that he received once he Greek deity the fruit from the serpent’s tree.

The Greeks believed the promise that the serpent spoke to Eve at the tree in Genesis 3:5: “Not to die shall you be dying, for God is aware of that, within the day you eat of it, unclosed shall be your eyes, and you shall be as gods, knowing sensible and evil.” Adam and Eve became the gods Zeus and Hera.

In his book Zeus and Hera , expert Carl Kerenyi suggests that the name Dios, the genitive style of Zeus, at its deepest level, suggests that “the actual decisive, dynamic moment of changing into lightweight.” Thus, the that means of the names of the primary couple within the possessive case, Dios and Dione, purpose thereto time after they Ate the fruit of the tree of the information of excellent and evil, and initial embraced the enlightenment of the serpent.

The natural force, lightning, depicts who Zeus is and what he brings to mankind utterly. It mustn’t surprise America then that the attribute most closely related to Zeus in ancient art was the lightning bolt. On several of the vases on that he’s pictured, Zeus displays the lightning bolt in his right hand. Must read: Tatars History: The Golden Horde (Faith, Economy,Traditions)


From the Greek viewpoint, there’s no a lot of “actual decisive, dynamic moment of changing into light” in human history than the time Adam and Eve received the serpent’s enlightenment, and no a lot of applicable symbol for it than the lightning bolt of Zeus.

If Zeus and Hera are Adam and Eve, then the Greeks have to be compelled to have directly connected them to an ancient paradise, a serpent, and a flowering tree. They did, indeed, create such a direct affiliation.


The Greek Version of Eden

The Greeks remembered the first paradise. They referred to as it the Garden of the Hesperides , and that they associated Zeus and Greek deity with its attractive ease, and with a serpent-entwined fruit tree. The visual communication of the Atlantides, their easy actions and their terribly names serve the aim of creating what quite a garden this is: a beautiful, carefree place.

Two of the Hesperides, Chrysothemis (Golden Order) and Asterope (Star Face) stand to the immediate left of the tree. Chrysothemis moves toward the tree to pluck an apple. Asterope leans pleasantly against her with each arms. To their left, Greek deity (Health) sits on a hill and holds an extended scepter, an emblem of rule, as she appearance back towards the tree. To the proper of the fruit tree, Lipara (Shining Skin) holds apples within the fold of her garment and raises her veil off her shoulder.


The names of the Hesperides describe the garden as a land of gold for the taking, soft visible radiation, excellent health, and wondrous beauty. The Hebrew word for Eden suggests that “to be soft or pleasant,” figuratively “to delight oneself.” The Garden of the Atlantides is that the Greek version of the Garden of Eden. Must read: Story of Creevykeel Court Tomb: a 4,500 Year Old Irish Tomb


The literary proof for the presence of Zeus and Hera within the ancient Garden paradise involves America from Apollodorus and playwright. Apollodorus wrote that the apples of the Atlantides “were bestowed by Gaea [Earth] to Zeus when his wedding with Greek deity.” This matches the Genesis account: Eve became Adam’s better half right when she was taken out of Adam (Genesis 2:21–25), and also the next recorded event is that the taking of the fruit by the first couple. Must read: Curse of Vaygach Island: The Nenets Idols

The chorus in Euripides’ play Hippolytus speaks of “the apple-bearing shore of the Hesperides” wherever immortal fountains flow” by the place wherever Zeus lay, and holy Earth along with her gifts of felicity makes the gods’ prosperity wax nice.” Thus, playwright place Zeus within the ancient garden with the serpent-entwined fruit tree, and his language affirms that this is often wherever Zeus came from.

The Greek tradition insists that Zeus and Hera were the primary human couple; the religious belief tradition insists Adam and Eve were the primary couple. each traditions insist that their individual initial couples come back from an ancient paradise with a serpent-entwined flowering tree. 2 opposite religious standpoints share identical factual basis. The Greek identities of man and Seth provide any proof of this truth. Must read: 9 Mystery of Ancient Costa Rica Stone + Photo Costa Rica Ball


Cain and Seth Deified by the Greeks as Hephaestus and Ares

According to Genesis 3:4-5, when man killed Abel , Adam and Eve had another son named Seth: “And knowing is Adam Eve, his wife, again. And pregnant is she and bearing a son. And vocation is she his name Seth, saying, ‘For God has set on behalf of me another seed rather than Abel, for man kills him.’”

Thus, Adam and Eve had 2 primary sons who, in turn, every had offspring: man, the eldest, and Seth. Zeus and Hera conjointly had 2 sons between them with offspring: Hephaestus, the elder, and Ares.


In the Scriptures, the road of Seth is that the line of Christ. The Book of Matthew traces the lineage of Christ through David to Abraham; and also the Book of Luke any traces the lineage of Abraham to Adam through his son Seth. this is {often|this can be} often remarked because the line of belief within the Creator-God or the road of religion. On the opposite hand, the Scriptures outline the road of man united of unbelief within the Creator-God. in line with book 3:12, “Cain was of the wicked one,” a regard to “the ancient serpent referred to as soul and the Devil, who is deceiving the full inhabited earth” (Revelation 12:9).

The Greeks deified man as Hephaestus, god of the forge. They deified his younger brother, Seth, as Ares, the hard god of conflict and war. within the Judeo-Christian tradition, man is that the evil one whose approach is to be shunned. within the Greek non secular system, the alternative is that the case: Ares, the Seth of Genesis, is that the traitor and also the one who causes ruin and woe.



By his Roman name, Vulcan, we associate Hephaestus, the deified man, forthwith with the forge and also the manufacturing plant. in line with Genesis 4:22, the members of Cain’s family were the first to become forgers “of each tool of copper and iron”. These for certain enclosed the hammer, the axe, and also the tongs—the tools most frequently associated with Cain/Hephaistos in Greek art.

Hephaistos’ banishment from, and come to, Olympus (where the Creator is excluded from the pantheon) could be a “myth” that deep-rooted a necessary part of Greek faith . It appeared painted, carven and brunet throughout the Archaic and Classical periods. within the Greek non secular system, the banishment and come of Hephaestus to Mt. Olympus corresponds, in Genesis, to Cain’s being commanded to wander the world by God, and his defiant come to ascertain the primary town (Genesis 4:9-17).



Zeus favorite his son Cain/Hephaistos, who performed an important and appreciated perform as armorer of the gods. On the opposite hand, Zeus thought of his youngest son, Seth/Ares, to be paltry. In Homer’s epic, Zeus referred to as him “hateful,” “pestilent,” a “renegade” and “the nemesis of mortals.”

The sole reason Ares includes a place within the Greek pantheon is that he’s the son of Zeus; that’s, he’s one in all the 2 actual sons of the primary couple, Adam and Eve, of whom Zeus and Hera are deifications. in line with Homer, Zeus hates Ares, however accepts responsibility for siring him: “[F]or thousand art mine offspring, and it had been to me that thy mother blank thee,” so rails at this son of his, telling him that if he were born of the other god, he would are “lower than the sons of heaven” way back.

Some students say Greek faith is anthropomorphic; that’s, gods take human type. That’s backwards. What happens is that real human ancestors retain their original identities and attack godlike qualities. Ares, as a deification of Seth, is unfree by the historical framework.

His father, Zeus, had to hate him, and when the Flood, the Greek hero, Herakles, was expected to kill Ares’ descendants. whereas the scriptural viewpoint defines Seth/Ares because the God-believing, or religious son, Greek faith defines him as unloved by, and antagonistic to the ruling gods who are a part of the serpent’s system. Likewise, whereas Zeus-religion considers Cain/Hephaistos because the true and devoted son, the scriptural viewpoint defines him as a part of the wicked one’s system.

Jews and Christians dislike and shun the road of man, however they can’t get eliminate him or his line without fixing their religious standpoint and history itself. man is a component of the Scriptures, and he’s there to remain. Zeus-religion has identical quite situation.

It hates the road of Ares, however it cannot eliminate the road from its history as a result of the basic action of Zeus-religion, its grand celebration even, is that the triumph of the approach of man over the way of Seth. Seth/Ares is a component of Greek sacred literature and art, and he’s there to remain. Must read: Secret History About Khitan People: Their Uncertain Origins

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