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(100 Worked) How to Block Unknown Callers & No Caller ID on iPhone


TrendingCips.comBlock incoming calls iPhone. Hello friends, hope you all are fine. In today’s article, I’m about to discuss however you can block unknown callers and “No Caller ID” calls on your iPhone.

How to block a phone number on iPhone? Many times this type of situation arises like somebody is annoying you by constantly making calls on your iPhone or telemarketers always try to persuade you to buy their product than on.

No caller id phone, These types of harassing calls, you will need to block these unknown callers on your iPhone. But, most of the people don’t recognize that they will block unknown callers and No caller ID calls on their iPhone as quickly as possible.

How to block a phone number on iPhone

during this how to block calls on iPhone?, i’m showing you a working technique that may definitely prevent all “Unknown” calls and every one “No Caller ID” calls from calling on your iPhone, this trick to block all unrecognized and new numbers as well.

Don’t use this trick to block unknown callers if {you are|you’re} obtaining some important calls from unknown or unrecognized number frequently otherwise you will miss some calls that are extremely very important to you.

This trick allows the contacts to call you that are already saved in your iPhone using don’t Disturb mode. therefore let’s start.

So…What are the steps how to block calls on iPhone? how to block unknown numbers iPhone? and how to block contact phone?

Here is the post how to block a phone number on iPhone?

The steps given below will guide you to how to block a number on iPhone.

Trick to block Unknown Callers & No Caller ID on iPhone

How to block unknown number iPhone? Block unknown callers iPhone, this trick isn’t a standard trick to block unknown callers. As I motioned above you can do it by using don’t Disturb and your contact list to stop any random unknown callers from reaching the iPhone.

Follow the given steps to block unknown callers on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and choose “Do Not Disturb“.

Step 2: Toggle the “Manual” choice to the ON position – this activates don’t Disturb mode and you will see the half moon icon within the status bar.

Step3: currently tap on allow Calls From. Here are 2 options 2 options one is Favorites.

If you simply need to permit calls from your ‘Favorite’ contacts then choose Favorites. this can be a suitable solution for people who have their family, friends, relatives and alternative important individuals on their iPhone Favorites list, however ne’er get calls from anyone else not in Favorites.

And the second choice is All Contacts, which can solely allow phone calls that are already in your Contact list (not simply Favorites) however not anyone who isn’t already added to your contact list, this can be the higher solution for several iPhone user, since clearly an Unknown caller, solicitor, or “No Caller ID” call won’t be within the address book of your iPhone.

Step 4: close the settings and happy block no caller id calls
block no caller id iphone


Choosing All Contact choices can block all unknown callers that are not in your Contacts list from reaching the iPhone. Don’t change it if you’re not aware about this selection. Otherwise, you will miss some important calls you actually need to get.

Always keep in mind that don’t Disturb mode prevents your iPhone from ringing or making any sound alert and block any contact try if somebody isn’t on your Favorites list or in the Contacts list.

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