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4 Trick on How to Use Dowsing Rods or Divination Tools (100% Successfully)


Divining rod theory ~ How to find underground water with a stick? – What is dowsing? Before technology was developed that will permit the United States of America to “see” into land individuals relied on dowsing (also referred to as divining or water witching) to search out water wells, metals, gemstones, and even missing individuals and unmarked graves. Though dowsing has ne’er been scientifically proven to figure in an exceedingly controlled setting, the practice remains common in several elements of the planet. You’ll use dowsing or be divining rods by learning the way to hold the rods properly. you’ll then use the rods to search out water, find lost objects, or confirm the energy of an area.

So…how do divining rods work? can I use a divining rod to find water or gold?

This is the post making dowsing rods can be called water finding stick or water finding rods.

The post given below will guide you to learn how to find underground water with a
stick or find a gold.

Method 1: Holding the Rods Properly

1. Realize dowse or divining rods.

How to use dowsing rods? You’ll use natural things as dowse or divining rods, like tree branches or sticks. Often, diviners use forked sticks from trees like willow, peach, and witch hazel. explore for a stick that contains a fork with branches of equal length on either finish of the fork.

How to make dowsing rods? If you are doing not need to use a forked stick, you’ll use a hanger, 2 wire rods, or a setup as a dowsing rod. Cut the hanger thus you have got 2 items of wire that are a similar length and extend a minimum of one to 2 feet. you’ll conjointly use 2 wire rods of equal length or a setup created particularly for dowse from New Age stores or online.

How does dowsing work? Some divining rods have an L-shape on every finish, wherever the wire extends downward to make an L-shape. you’ll realize L-shaped rods on-line or at New Age stores.

2. Hold the rods an arm’s length away from your body.

How do dowsing rods work? You should then hold the rods in every hand at an arm’s length off from your body. Position the rods in order that they rest flat over your index fingers and let the butt of the handles rest within the heel of your hands. don’t grip the handles too tightly because the rods got to be ready to float freely to figure

Hold the rods regarding nine inches (23 cm) apart in order that they don’t cross or collide. you will need to practice holding the rods in your hands a couple of times to urge the hang of it.

How to use dowsing rods? If you’re using one forked stick, you must hold it a length off from your body. certify you hold the stick gently thus it will float freely in your hand.

3. Keep the rods steady and straight as you walk.

Once you understand the way to hold the rods properly, you must follow walking and tour whereas holding the rods. Certify you retain the rods steady and straight as you walk in order that they are parallel to the ground.

How do dowsing rods work? Hold the rods at arm’s length and walk slowly back and forth across the area. don’t let the rod finish tip upward or downward as you move as you are doing not need to move the rods accidentally with the force of your body or your arms.

Method 2: Finding Bodies of Water

1. Hold the rods steady in your hands.

Begin by holding the dowsing or divining rods steady and straight in your hands, at an arm’s length from your body. certify the rod ends don’t seem to be tipped upward or downward. you must conjointly certify the rods are nine inches (22.9 cm) from one another.

If you’re using a “Y” formed a rod, the rod ought to be pointed upward at a forty-five degrees angle. this may make sure you are ready to get a decent reading of the area.

2. Trounce the area with the rods.

How to find underground water with a stick?. Often, water dowsers are known as to find water in an exceedingly bound area, like a rural or residential area community. you must hold the rods properly and walk back and forth slowly over the area that you just are testing for water. certify you hold the rods gently however with some grip in order that they don’t roll or shift in your hands as you walk.

3. Watch for the rods to cross or move.

Once the rods find water, the stock of the stick ought to rotate or be forced downward. The rods may additionally cross over one another after you exchange a precise spot within the area, indicating there could also be water underneath the surface.

It may conjointly help to envision the water underneath the world as you trounce the area with the rods. you will image a stream or body of water in your mind as you hold the rods to help let the rods apprehend what you’re longing for.

Method 3: Locating Lost Objects

1. Relax and visualize the lost object.

you’ll use the dowsing rods to find objects or things you have got lost, like jewelry. begin by holding the rods properly in your hands. Then, relax and shut your eyes. Visualize the thing you have got lost in your mind.

How to make dowsing rods for gold? You may need to require a few deep breaths to relax and relax. Focus your mind on the lost object and check out to channel that focus into the divining rods.

2. Ask the rods to guide you to the object.

You may raise the rods aloud or internally. you will say, “Where is that the object I actually have lost?” or “Find the thing.” this may project your intent onto the rods.

3. Let the rods direct you to the object.

You must then hold the rods steady and straight in your hands and allow them to direct you. don’t resist any pulls or tugs you are feeling on the rods. you must go in the direction the rods appear to be leading you to. Eventually, the rods could lead you to the lost object.

Method 4: deciding the Energy of an area or room

1. Visualize the energy within the area or space.

You can use divining rods to check the quantity of positive and negative energy in a section or an area, referred to as the “Chi” of the area. you will plan to take a look at the energy levels in your home, your office, or maybe your garden. do that by getting into the area holding the rods. Then, shut your eyes and check out to envision the “Chi” energy within the area. {try to|attempt to|try and} image an energy path that flows throughout the complete area or space. don’t fret if you’re ineffective to do this because the rods can help you determine the energy flow or path.

2. ask the rods to guide you to the energy path.

You can do that verbally or internally. you will say, “Can you show ME the energy path during this room?” or “Show ME how the energy flows during this area.” this may permit you to communicate your intent to the rods.

3. Let the rods lead you to those areas.

Follow any pulls or tugs on the rod, occupation a path. you must attempt to go in each space of the area to see however it fits inside the energy flow of the area. The rods could facilitate to guide you to wherever the “Chi” is flowing well within the area and wherever it’s not flowing at all.

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