MUST WATCH! A Woman Survives After Being Frozen Alive in Ice!

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Winter is one of the strongest and deadliest seasons. With things such as hypothermia and car accidents, dangers are always present during this time of the year in certain countries. This is why for 19-year-old Jean Hilliard, the cold of winter will always remain in her memory.

A Woman Survives After Being Frozen Alive in Ice!

In a video published by fb fanpage Ranker, Paul narrated the story of Jean, who miraculously survived after having been frozen doing away with on ice. She was perfect home in Minnesota all the the hour of darkness of December 20, 1980 when her car skidded on the road.After this, she was not able to restart the car because she was shaken by the demanding hostile. She started to stroll, having no other alternatives, and encountered Wally Nelson, a man who lived round 2 miles away. Jean walked to the door however 15 toes away, she collapsed from hypothermia.

Over six hours, her body became completely frozen in negative 22degree temperature and Wally, the man who lived in the house, saw her the next morning. According to him, her body was so frozen that he had to carry her diagonally to his car.
Wally brought her to Fosston Hospital, where a nurse named Dorothy Killian was shocked when she saw Jean’s condition. According to her, “… her face was completely white, just this ashen, death look.” The hospital staff placed hooks on her to get a heartbeat, but the machine wasn’t even registering it.
It turned out that a hypodermic needle couldn’t even get through her skin because Jean was severely frostbitten and had blackened legs. Due to her condition, the doctors determined that even if Jean could survive, she would most likely have brain damage and her legs would have to be amputated.
Dr. George Sather mentioned that Jean was “…just like a piece of meat out of deep freeze.” An electric blanket was wrapped around her body, which made her thaw, bit by bit. Two hours have passed, after which Jean started to have violent convulsions. Brain damage was still a possibility at that point.
In a bout of a miraculous display, she suddenly began to regain consciousness and immediately recognized her family who was surrounding her. After 49 days, the doctors were still in disbelief as to how Jean was able to completely recover from the condition without suffering from permanent damage.Read: [25 Photos] Times Winter Turned Cars Into Art

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