How to Lock Android Apps with a Volume Button Pattern

Oops! AppLock With Use Volume Button Pattern (Guide & Trick)


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How can i lock my apps? yes, you can do it! In the past we’ve got seen several android apps which will put a password or PIN lock over the opposite apps on your device. This way, you’ll be able to offer an extra layer of security for a few of your sensitive apps like electronic messaging, and WhatsApp. there have been even options to hide the master app from the app drawer and supply a faux crash window to misguide the one who is attempting to realize unauthorized access to the app.

However, these days i’m going to remark an app that shows in a different way around this. It’s referred to as Oops! AppLock. With this, you’ll be able to lock apps on your android, similar to those we’ve got discussed previously.

Unlike any of these, we are going to not be using a pin or a pattern password lock. Instead we are going to be using a combination on the volume control buttons (Volume Up/Down) to achieve access to the locked apps. Sounds fascinating, right? thus let’s have a glance at the app and the way it works.

So…What are security patterns for android to lock apps?

Here is the post best applock for android, and you have to try security pattern password for android:

Using Oops! AppLock The Best Applock for Android

Best applock for android: So when you download and install the smart lock android (Oops! AppLock), it’ll provide you with a quick introduction on however the app functions. certify you scan everything as this is often the sole time you’re about to see this screen. Next time once you launch the app, which is able to be named K-Note within the app drawer, all you’ll see could be a note taking application. this is often a faux disguise, and solely when you enter the right volume key combination can you be ready to access the core modules of the app. The default combination is to press volume up 3 times.


Once you’re in, the primary factor you must do is modification the default volume unlock pattern password. Open the app settings and choose the choice modification architectural ornament. currently choose however long you’d like your combination to be. You’ll need to re-confirm the degree button pattern and if it matches, it’ll be set as your new unlock pattern password!.


Now to lock ann applock android , all you need to do is open the unlocked list and swipe an app to the left. The android pattern lock app can then be emotional to the barred list and next time you launch the locked app, it’ll provide you with a blank screen, or the last screen that the app was on, which might solely be bypassed when coming into the jazz group. The unknowledgeable user won’t even recognize the app is barred and can only suppose it’s frozen or is simply taking to much of time to load.


You can modification the default image whereas locking the app by swiping the best applock for android to the left. The Black choice can simply provides a black screen whereas with the Custom choice you’ll be able to use any image from your gallery. One cool thing that you just can do is take a faux screenshot of the app and set it as a lock screen image. this may fool anyone United Nations agency is attempting to realize unauthorized access.

If you would like to get rid of any app from the unlocked list, simply swipe the app to the proper from the locked List and you’ll see it move to the unlocked List.


Conclusion Applock Android

How to put a lock on apps? So that was the way to lock your apps using volume key combinations on your android device. the concept behind the app is admittedly distinctive and works well.

I thought the sole missing choices were the power to line the app as device administrator and to forget passwords, which might certify that nobody are going to be ready to uninstall the app while not the right passcode. thus try Oops! AppLock and tell North American country your views regarding it.

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