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Rubber Olmec Balls: 8 Fact You Need Know + Photo


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Rubber Olmec Balls: Cache of Rubber Balls found in North American nation (Mexico) Recently

Mayan soccer ~ If the above is true then I need to say this…I know how the traditional Olmecs (means rubber or of the rubber tree) captive giant stones (massive stone heads) and why they and therefore the Mayans always had causeways in their cities! it’s to try and do with the Rubber Balls that were developed some time past in the United Mexican States once Latex was discovered and wrapped around good river rocks.

Recently an outsized realize in the United Mexican States explicit that Olmec artifacts were discovered then underneath the invention they explicit that there have been several rubber balls found buried in the ground for their Ball Game. I’m sorry however each child in my neighborhood remembers to swing their sports balls underneath a board or in a box and moving things around mistreatment the “ball-bearing” suggests that of motivation or methodology to move serious objects or maybe themselves. it had been a no-brainer in my youth.

I assumed of this in a dream it slow back however the new realize supported my contention (see archeology Magazine on Olmecs 2007). I used to be the primary to mention one thing concerning this on the internet many years past and that I darn certain higher get credit for it.

So…what games did the Mayans play or game Maya? and how big a mayan ball court?

This is the post-ancient games can be called ancient Mayan games.

The post given below will guide you to learn the Mayan ball game rules.

Rubber Balls for Moving Stones?

Mayan sports, I will expand on this later at my website et al. They used the ebonite balls to move a lot of stones everywhere Mexico…that is why they didn’t would like the wheel…they had the higher suggests that permitting more management. “Where the rubber meets the road”…was a previous Firestone TV ad in my day. My dad had a Firestone store in my youth which is wherever I started to check archeology and social science. I did a report in high school on the Olmecs and Maya ball games using latex rubber.

Mayan Ball Game Rules

This realization may be an important breakthrough in thinking. They used rubber balls and wood crates on high to move everything around ancient United Mexican States type the Olmecs period of time on to these days. Utilizing hard rubber Balls and 3 guys or additional, one will move a mountain.

All you wish square measure concerning twenty to thirty rubber balls and a pitcher, feeder, and a mover or pusher to stay the load getting the proper direction on a sleek surface (causeway) . Then came the opposite inventions. The people idolized the rubber ball most, they made-up a game that flourished everywhere the United Mexican States. It became their favorite interest apart from work. Moving the rubber ball around within the most expedient means potential saved time and work…and it became plenty of fun too, even on the job.

Mayan ball game facts

#1.- The Mayan Ballgame was a sacred ceremony, it had been treated as a ritual to push the movement of the stars, tributary to the finish of the sun over the night.

#2.- Mayan ball game had been a basic a part of the Maya sport of Mesoamerica. higher called “Pok ta’Pok” by the Mayans and “Tlachtli” by the Nahua.

#3.- The balls with that they compete, weighted between one and fifteen pounds and were made up of Castilla elastic, a rubber tree native to the tropical areas of Mexico.

#4.- One in every one of the hypotheses is that the sport typically had a divine ending, difficult human sacrifice. however there’s no proof of that team was sacrificed: the losing team, or the winners.

#5.- Iconographic proof shows that the sport was performed by 2 groups that enraptured the ball with a vicinity of their body: hand, forearm, leg, head or hip.

#6.- In Chichen Itza, you’ll be able to notice The Grand Ball Court, the most important field in the geographic area. It’s a big rectangular playfield with 2 identical sloping walls on the longest aspect.

#7.-Its which mean is connected to the parable of the divine twins Hunahpu and Ixbalanqué, and their confrontation with the Lords of Death, that is documented in the Popol Vuh book.

#8.- The Mayan ball game tradition remains alive within the north of Mexico. supposed to stay transferring it from generation to generation.

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