Shocking Discovery Roman Society Lodge in Pompeii


Stone and tile diagrams in an ancient metropolis building are connected to Roman surveyors and their subtle measure tools and extremely guarded secret craft.

Ancient Roman measure specialists and city planners, called ‘agrimensores’ used sensible measure instruments and these recently discovered pictures within the Casa di Orione, or the House of Orion, within the province of Naples, southern Italy, depict these mysterious tools. And what is more, this location is believed to possess been utilized by the measure specialists as a middle of their coming up with and measure activities.

located-in-concrete-floors-in the-pavements-of-the-House-of-Orion-in-the-ancient-city-of-Pompeii

Examining the House of Orion

Details of the traditional floors found within the house of the metropolis are revealed in a paper by Massimo Osanna, director of the metropolis archeologic web site, and Luisa Ferro and Giulio Magli, of the varsity of design at the Politecnico of the urban center.

The Great metropolis Project, an EU-backed initiative to revive the traditional Italian town, explicit that a little section of the House of Orion had been excavated between 1892 and 1893, however, the bigger house was solely discovered in December last year. And now, researchers believe their excavations have uncovered the primary ever depiction of the “groma”, a clever measure tool developed in ancient Egypt and later utilized by Greek then Roman land surveyors.


Discovering Associate in Nursing Ancient Universal Axis

The ancient pictures were created by the embellishment of cement paving stones at intervals the house victimization tiny stones and tiles, and that they are placed on the pavements of the House of Orion within the ancient town of the metropolis. per writing within the Daily Mail 2 mosaics represent Orion, a gaseous nebula in Greek mythology, and seem to reference the Roman agrimensores, (Roman ground surveyors and planners). Must read: Akashic Field: What Are The Akashic Records?

One illustration options an illustration of the traditional mathematical drawback of squaring the circle and circling the sq., and it shows an sq. inscribed at intervals a circle. This image, resembling a compass rose, is cut by 2 perpendicular lines and one amongst these falls in alignment with the longitudinal axis of the house.

This sq. during a circle, the researchers propose would are the primary image visible to any visitor upon coming into the house and should represent the duties of the agrimensores and their sacred measure principles.


Aligning to the Heavens

Agrimensores were the land surveyors of the traditional Romans who inherited their skills from the rope pullers of ancient Egypt, via the geometers of Balkan state. per piece of writing in archeology News Network, agrimensores administrated surface surveys and taken off grids for the formation of a city and were versatile engineers responsible for “centurions” (a division of the land) moreover as planning.

They conjointly selected the foremost efficient routes for new aqueducts. Medieval codices, or scriptures, have passed on a set of writings by the agrimensores that the team of researchers accustomed to make a copy of their summations on the photographs.

Popularly, agrimensores were noted as gromatici, once their favored instrument, the groma, that was supported a wood cross of 4 perpendicular arms supported by a vertical employee. Identical weights were suspended from the four arms and that they were accustomed to make up one’s mind straight lines on the landscapes.

The importance of agrimensores was that their land measurements set the taxes that individuals paid, so they administered the economy of the empire through dominant the measurements of territories. Read: 4 Trick on How to Use Dowsing Rods or Divination Tools (100% Successfully)


Like their Egyptian forebears, the measure skills of agrimensores needed mastery of physical science, geometry, and earth science and their crafts were shrouded with secrecy and solely these days measurable within the orientations of cities and buildings that are usually found aligned with vital celestial and planetary phenomena on the horizons.

Silent Power Brokers

Another image placed beside the probable groma illustration options 5 nearly parallel segments growing from a baseline, that the scientists interpret as representing a part of a land-surveying project, and it’s conjointly speculated that the house might are used for coming up with conferences, or that the house owner had belonged to the gromatic’s society. Read: Wootz Steel: Damascus Steel History + Damaskus Photo

If this last postulation is correct then what has been discovered could be a proto- Masonic lodge, wherever teams of versatile craftsmen convened secretly to debate matters of geometry, astronomy, geography, every subject having been overlaid with deep cabalistic significance.

And at intervals, this and Roman association, therefore too should politics, judicial, and business problems are mentioned and sorted out by the agrimensores of Rome, those silent puppet masters who controlled the cities and tax systems. Must read: 9 Mystery of Ancient Costa Rica Stone + Photo Costa Rica Ball


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