This Student Blackmail Teacher, Paid Him $28,000 To Keep Quiet!


This Student Was Blackmailing His Teacher – Student blackmail teacher. Dallas police reportable that a middle-school (school blackmail) teacher was in remission for having associate inappropriate relationship with one among her students.

The stunning factor concerning this case but, was that the coed was truly blackmailing his teacher. Court documents show that Thao “Sandy” Doan had paid her student around $28,000 for his silence.

Student blackmail teacher

Student blackmail, Doan was an instructor at the Raul Quintanilla Senior lycee in West Oak drop-off. She was antecedently suspect of getting s3x with the male student once he was solely fourteen years previous.

Nidia (student blackmail teacher) says that she discovered her son’s suspicious text messages that exposed him threatening to reveal his relationship with Doan if she didn’t pay him off.

On Gregorian calendar month twenty, the mother reportable the text messages to the Dallas freelance administrative district Police and had the teacher in remission on the exact same day.

Blackmail student, Nidia believes that the bribe cash was progressing to be used for medicine.

Although the mother admits that her son was guilty, Nidia remains associategry that an adult would profit of a minor. She stresses that her son was the victim as a result of he’s simply a baby.

Nidia reveals that her son is presently during a juvenile penal complex for theft and felony – unrelated to the teacher’s case. The mother believes the most recent payment of $15,000 her son received from Doan was sent each day before her arrest.

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