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42 views – The Age of Sail Recaptured. Gazing at model replicas of the HMS finish and the Bucentaure one conjures up the battle of Trafalgar; respiration the poisonous gun smoke, gagging on the smell of gun powder, thunderous booms of artillery fire reechoing, and also the horror of looking at men dying harrowing deaths on deck with limbs being blown off or jumping into the raging ocean to flee a burning ship.

The model of the Confiance paints a canvas of the corsair Robert Surcouf cruising the ocean sort of a shark preying on British ships, heavily laden with cargos of treasures; then there’s the Vasa, dubbed the Ship of Fools that unsuccessful before on maiden voyage.

Such are the tales on exhibition within the salesroom of Historic Marine, a workshop on the island of Mauritius within the ocean, that captures the Age of Sail within the precise scale copy of known historical vessels.

So … What is the French corsair Robert Surcouf’s confidence?

This is the post The Age of Sail Recaptured can be called French corsair Robert Surcouf’s confidence.

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French Corsair Robert Surcouf’s Confiance

Robert Surcouf (1773 –1827) defied his parents’ would like for him to become a priest and turned to privateer instead. The ocean became this corsair’s personal playground wherever he captured over forty ships between 1789 and 1808, before retiring from the ocean to line up a successful industrial shipping enterprise.

The Confiance was commissioned in Bordeaux in 1797 by Jacques Comte and in 1799 she sailed to island de France (Mauritius) and was entrusted into the capable hands of parliamentarian Surcouf in 1800.

The Confiance took to the ocean sort of a duck to water and shortly earned the name of a formidable pirate among land, that had the capability to escape troublesome things with the smoothness of a cat. She cruised off the Sunda Strait, between the Indonesian islands of Java and island, wherever she captured an American ship and dexterously loose being captured herself by the frigate, USS Essex .

She set sail for Seychelles, solely to narrowly escape a British ship and sailed on to cruise the Bay of Bengal. On September nineteen, 1800, the Confiance captured the Prize from the city and sent the eighty-five crew prisoners to Mauritius at the side of the captured vessel. Surcouf then steered for Ganjam, wherever he captured 3 smaller ships.

Within 3 weeks of capturing the Prize, on October seven, 1800, off Sand Heads close to a city, Surcouf noticed the Kent, underneath the command of Captain Robert Rivington.

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