The Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel Sweden + 6 Photo Treehouse

The Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel Sweden + 6 Photo Treehouse

Light wood interior creates a cosy atmosphere and large Windows offer a view of Sweden, including the river Lule winding. However, one of the most remarkable features is the outdoor terrace with a net, which offers unforgettable experiences under the northern lights.

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TrendingCips.comThe treehouse hotel SwedenInternational design and architecture firm Snøhetta have created the world’s tallest tree hotel. 7” is a luxury hotel in northern Sweden near the Arctic circle and its mission is to bring closer between man and nature.

The mirrorcube treehouse hotel sweden

In addition, nearly 600 sq ft (55 sqm) place hosts two bedrooms, a bathroom and a lounge area. It can accommodate up to five people and is accessible via a staircase and an elevator.

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Wooden residence belonging to the Treehotel aims to introduce tourist at the Arctic circle. Treehotel also has six treehouse suites, all designed by architect Scandinavia.
The Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel Sweden
The Mirrorcube Sweden
The mirrorcube treehouse hotel sweden
Treehouse hotel sweden northern lights


Mirrorcube treehouse hotel in harads sweden 
Luxury treehouse hotel sweden
Glass treehouse hotel sweden
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