The Pros and Cons of Kyrgyzstan’s Only Mummy Returns to Earth

6 views – Scientists are demanding Kyrgyzstan’s only mummy be taken out from the spot during which it’s recently been reburied. The 1,500-year-old relic was taken from a museum and quietly buried on the eve of a presidential election during a controversial decision saluted by self-proclaimed psychics.

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This is a post the Kyrgyz mummies were returned to the ground.

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Mummy Quietly Reburied Where it had been Originally Found

As Phys Org reports, the feminine mummy has reburied time period ago within the same forgotten corner of southern Kyrgyzstan that it had been found back in 1956, after an unexpected ruling by a state commission.

Culture Minister Tugolbai Kazakov claimed that the choice to order the burial was supported by concern that the body was within the process of disintegrating. “According to the customs of our people, leaving a body get in the open like this is often not proper.

What’s the purpose of showing visitors [to the museum] a body that’s falling apart? Why are they keeping Lenin [at the mausoleum in Moscow]? Because he was a leader, that’s why.

But what about this woman, who was she? Nobody knows, maybe she was just an everyday woman. Who can prove she was a queen or some leader?” Kazakov said as Eurasianet reports.

Kazakov also added that the mum had been kept at Bishkek’s State History Museum for over six decades without anybody examining it, so it made little sense to go away it where it’s.

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Bishkek’s State History Museum


Superstitions in Kyrgyzstan Played a major role within the Decision

Nonetheless, some people have claimed that the timing of the reburial (on the eve of a really close presidential election) shows the clear impact of superstitions that are clutched Kyrgyzstan’s stormy political scene within the past.

The reburial decision was saluted by self-proclaimed psychics within the Muslim-majority state, who kept warning that catastrophe awaited within the near future if the mother remained vacuum-packed during a state museum.

Self-described medium Zamira Muratbekova, claims that she received a message from the unseen demanding the local authorities to rebury the mum. “She never died. once they first found her she was still alive. She was sort of a sleeping girl.

By reburying her we saved ourselves from bloodletting at the election,” Muratbekova said as Phys Org reported, adding that re-exhuming the body as many scientists demand, would be a very big mistake. “Before, the spirits spoke to us in terms of suggestions, but now they’re giving us orders,” she says.

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The mummy was returned to the ground


Decision Causes Outrage within Academic Circles

The academic community appears to be furious with the choice and has called on President Almazbek Atambayev to order the mummy’s exhumation immediately.

Consistent with Kadicha Tashbayeva, head of archaeology at the Academy of Sciences in Kyrgyzstan, the mum was preserved during a vacuum and will safely are kept for future research projects. “You cannot consider this [mummy] as if it had been a traditional body.

This was a museum exhibit, it had been an archaeological discovery. Why should we not study it? Why should we, as Kyrgyz people, fall behind? As we start the third millennium, are [we] to sink back to medieval obscurantism?” Tashbayeva told Eurasianet.

Tashbayeva and her colleagues fired accusations directly against Kazakov, who they encouraged to resign from his governmental position and take up clerical robes instead, “If the Culture Minister is in his activities guided by the basics of Islamic law and Islam, he should take up religious duties within the mosque, and not head the Culture Ministry, which is legally liable for the preservation of museum exhibits,” Tashbayeva told Eurasianet.

Egyptian mummy exhibit


Controversy Over Mummy’s Background

One of the main reasons that led the Kyrgyzstani government to rebury the mum, consistent with Kazakov, was that the mum was “just a normal woman” and not a “chieftain” deserve preservation because the Soviet regime had claimed over 60 years ago.

Tashbayeva finds Kazakov’s claims unfounded and ridiculous because the most important information about the mum is already known. “Her gender is understood, we all know she was quite young—probably but 30—when she died.

we will see that her skull has undergone artificial deformation, which was a well-liked custom among nomads of our region and era. We could learn even more with DNA testing but we lack specialists,” she said as Phys Org reported.

The Kyrgyzstani archaeologist and her colleagues have refused to share an equivalent stage with self-proclaimed psychics and she or he has openly accused the mediums of filling this important topic with nonsense, “I am worried we are destined for a dark age,” she adds.

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Kyrgyz Election Volunteers in 2010


Scientists Demand the Immediate Exhumation of the mummy

However, it’s not only archaeologists and students from Kyrgyzstan who consider the mummy’s reburial a large backward step for science. “Exhume the mum and put it back during a sealed chamber within the museum immediately,” Victor Mair, a professor within the Chinese language and literature department at the University of Pennsylvania, told AFP as Phys Org reports.

Mair belongs to a get group of international academics that have studied the so-called Tarim mummies, many of which were unearthed within the autonomous Xinjiang region of China that border Kyrgyzstan.

Experts see these mummies, which are preserved due to the jarring climate instead of the mummification traditions related to ancient Egypt, could play a really significant role in understanding historical migration patterns within the region. “The Kyrgyzstan mummy has tremendous value in filling within the gasp as a case study between Xinjiang’s Tarim Basin and Western Eurasia,” Mair said, noting the historical value of the precise relic that must be exhumed as soon as possible.

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