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The Real Story of Medusa and Gorgons: Myths or Facts?

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The earliest known record about the story of Medusa and also the Gorgons is found in Hesiod’s Theogony. in line with this ancient author, the 3 sisters, Sthenno, Euryale, and Medusa were the kids of Phorcys and Ceto, and lived “beyond far-famed Oceanus at the world’s edge exhausting by Night”. Of the 3, solely Medusa is said to be mortal, while Sthenno and Euryale were immortal. additionally, Medusa is that the most renowned of the 3, and also the story of her death is additionally mentioned en passant by Hesiod.

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Medusa Before She Was Cursed

Medusa story ~ Although Hesiod provides associate account of Medusa’s origins and also the death of Medusa at the hands of Perseus, he doesn’t say more concerning her. against this, a additional comprehensive account of Perseus and Medusa is found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. during this work, Ovid describes Medusa as originally being an exquisite maiden. Her beauty caught the eye of Poseidon, who desired her and proceeded to ravage her in Athena’s shrine. The deity then wanted vengeance by remodeling Medusa’s hair into snakes (medusa snake), in order that anyone who gazed at her directly would be become stone.

Medusa once had charms; to realize her love
A rival crowd of desirous lovers strove.
They, who have seen her, own, they never did trace
More moving options in a very sweeter face.
Yet particularly, her length of hair, they own,
In golden ringlets wav’d, and swish shone.
– Ovid, Metamorphoses


Medusa Story with Perseus

In the medusa story of Perseus, the hero is sent by Polydectes, the king of Seriphus, on a probe to bring him the head of Medusa. This was a trick, as Polydectes desired Perseus’ mother, Danae, and wished to urge eliminate her son, who wasn’t in favor of the connection. Such a mission would are like suicide for Perseus and Polydectes didn’t expect him to ever come to Seriphus. nonetheless Perseus was the son of Zeus and he was assisted by the gods. Perseus received the Cap of invisibleness from Hades, a try of winged sandals from Hermes, a reflective bronze protect from Pallas Athena, and a steel from Hephaestus. With these divine gifts, Perseus wanted out Medusa and beheaded her while she was asleep.

Immediately once the Gorgon was decapitated, the winged horse Pegasus sprung out from her neck. within the Theogony, Hesiod additionally mentions that Chrysalis, who was born with a golden steel in his hand, emerged from the cut off the neck of Medusa. After this, Perseus came back to Seriphus, tho’ not before occurring many adventures. though Perseus could also be at the center of those adventures, it may well be argued that it’s the transformative powers of Medusa’s cut off head that played a pivotal role within the hero’s resultant adventures.

Medusa snake, when the blood dripped from Medusa’s head onto the plains of Libya, every drop of blood reworked into venomous serpents. the ability of Medusa’s head is seen once more once Perseus encountered the Titan Atlas. once Perseus asked Atlas for an area to rest for a short while, his request was refused. Knowing that he wouldn’t be ready to defeat the Titan with brute force alone, he took out Medusa’s head and Atlas has become a mountain. Perseus additionally encountered Andromeda, the girl of the Aethiopian king Cepheus and his spouse Cassiopeia. mistreatment Medusa’s head, Perseus succeeded in rescuing the patrician, who was being sacrificed to Cetus, an ocean monster sent by Poseidon to penalize Cassiopeia for boast that her girl was more lovely than the Nereids. Medusa’s alarming power is additionally used on Phineus, Andromeda’s uncle whom she was betrothed to, Proetus, the supplanter of the throne of Argos, and at last Polydectes himself. Medusa’s head was then given to Pallas Athena, who wears it on her aegis whenever she goes into battle.


The protecting Powers of Medusa’s Head

Although Medusa is usually thought to be a monster, her head is usually seen as a protecting good luck charm that may keep evil away. Thus, the image of Medusa’s head is seen in varied Greek and resultant Roman artifacts like shields, breastplates and mosaics. One such example of a protecting Medusa head pendant appeared within the type of a late second to fourth century AD Roman artefact recently unearthed within the Cambridgeshire countryside . A 2,000-year-old marble head of Medusa was found not too way back at a former Roman industrial center in Turkey furthermore. There are varied coins that bear not solely the representational process of Perseus holding the head of Medusa, however additionally the head in its claim.

Today, the foremost well-known image of Medusa’s head belongs maybe to the emblem of the Italian fashion company, Versace. And let’s not forget that Medusa additionally created headline recreation news within the not thus distant past as a troublesome boss battle for players within the newest game of the favored Assassin’s Creed franchise. These factors inform USA that myths of the ancient world are still alive and with the USA within the present.

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