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Ultimate Guide to Setup iMessage for Windows PC: 2 Methods Explained


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How to get iMessage on pc ~ iMessage is very common electronic messaging app on iOS and heap of individuals all around the world are using it. iMessage is that the most used messenger that may be used to send messages at no cost to the other one who has iMessage download and installs on their devices. The tiny screen of the mobile devices makes it uneasy to use iMessage on that. this is often wherever the need for download and install iMessage on computer arises, many people across the

Send iMessage from PC, the tiny screen of the mobile devices makes it uneasy to use iMessage on that. this is often wherever the need for download and install iMessage on computer arises, many people across the world have with success download and install iMessage on their laptop computer, and that they are accessing it from a larger and wider screen like never before.

imessage on computer/iMessage for windows desktop, there are number of a feature that creates iMessage collectively and solely app for fast electronic messaging on iOS device and also the features are obtainable for all the Apple device users. though the features remain same for the computer users similarly and this tutorial works utterly for all the versions of windows like XP, 7, 8, and 8.1.

So…What are the steps how to send imessage from computer? how to get iMessage on pc? how to set up iMessage on Windows PC?

Here is the post how to get iMessage on pc.

The steps given below will guide you to how to download iMessages to computer and how to set up iMessage.

How To Download And Install iMessage on Window PC

How to set up iMessage, iMessage is that the best electronic messaging app that’s created by Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone and many different devices. One will send text messages, videos, image and contacts to anyone at no cost. a good net connection is all required to send a text message to anyone without cost. iMessage on Windows computer will be download and install by following the below steps.

  • Download and install the Remote Messages on your iPhone or Android device from here.
  • If you’re using an iPhone, then it should be jailbroken so as to move to successive step in installing iMessage.
  • Jai breaking is very simple and anyone will have it away on their own.
  • Install Remote Messages on your device.
  • Open the Settings menu >>Remote Messages>>Current IP.
  • Note down this IP that seems on the screen.
  • Open any iMessage web browser (Chrome/Mozilla/Opera/etc) on your PC.
  • Enter this IP that appeared on your mobile device on the address bar of the browser.
  • Hit enter when you type the IP address on the address bar.
  • That’s it currently you’re connected with iMessage and you’ll begin sending the messages to your friends from your computer windows simply.

Features of iMessage for windows computer

How to use iMessage? There are several unimaginable features that build this app best, that are given as follows.

  • You can send unlimited messages to your friends and there are all the essential features which have cluster chat, media file sending.
  • Similar to Whatsapp there’s additionally the features within which you’ll see whether or not the other user typing or not. The user interface is very easy to use and even a newbie will simply understand the essential functions simply.
  • The best a part of the app is that you just will download and install it at no cost and there’s no limit on how many messages you send.

iMessage on computer/iMessage app for windows, this is the most effective and most popular way to install iMessage for Windows. As Windows is that the most used OS in several laptop computers, this kind of obtaining the IP address from the mobile device will facilitate in connecting to iMessage simply while not the need to follow any big setup method. Remote messages have a secret server that may never build your message go public at any time. it’s very safe to put in remote messages because it will help in download and install iMessage for Windows in a few minutes of your time. the entire installation of iMessage for Windows takes solely very few minutes and it will be used on the go.

Anyone will connect their iMessage for Windows during a few minutes of your time by downloading the Remote messages. Jailbreaking an iPhone will be simply done and there are several possible ways that to achieve it. Before jailbreaking your iPhone device, ensure you have got a warranty for it, so you’ll apply for a replacement if something happens to your device within the close to future.

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