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Wootz Steel: Damascus Steel History + Damaskus Photo


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Damascus Steel History

What is damascus? Wootz steel was amongst the best within the world. it’s the metal that was wont to fashion weapons like the noted Damascus blades of the middle Ages. However, Wootz steel dates back a lot of any than the Medieval amount. The technology originated in ancient India millennia before several different cultures ever detected about it.

This is a type of steel, i.e. a type of steel made by melting the raw materials during a melting pot. thanks to its prime quality, Wootz steel was listed everywhere the traditional and Medieval world, as well as Europe, the center East, and China. The qualities of Wootz steel were well-suited to creating weapons.

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The post given below will guide you to learn damascus steel history.

The Origins of Wootz Steel

It has been claimed that ‘Wootz’ is in reality a corruption of ‘ukku’, the word for steel in several South Indian languages. This word solely entered the english language towards the tip of the eighteenth century, once Europeans first began learning concerning the method this steel was made. it’s known that by then the Indians were already producing Wootz steel for over 2 millennia.

Whilst it’s unclear on once specifically Wootz steel was first made in India, the earliest known literary relevance steel made by the ancient Indians are often found within the records of Alexander the Great’s campaign there. This campaign took place towards the tip of the fourth century B.C., and also the Greek ruler is rumored to possess been conferred with one hundred abilities of Indian steel. there’s additionally archaeological proof for the assembly of steel in ancient India. this is often evident, as an example, within the site of Kodumanal, within the southern Indian state of Madras. Archaeologists discovered an iron and steel industrial center dated to the Chera family line (established around the third century BC) at that site.


A Guarded Secret

The technique for manufacturing Wootz steel was a closely guarded secret amongst the metallurgists of Republic of India for a awfully while. Thus, the Indians had monopoly over the assembly and export of this highly-desired metal. The steel made in India was exported within the style of ingots and reached such places because the Roman world within the west and China within the East.


It is believed that in the Medieval amount, Wootz steel was exported to the center East, wherever it absolutely was intentional into the illustrious capital of Syria blades. due to the Crusaders, World Health Organization encountered Muslim warriors wielding this high-quality blade, the celebrity of the capital of Syria blade unfold to Europe also.

At that time of your time, nothing made in Europe may match the standard of India’s Wootz steel, and India continuing to be the leading nation for production within the following centuries. throughout the late seventeenth century, as an example, Wootz steel was being made at virtually an industrial scale, as tens of thousands of steel ingots were being shipped from the Coromandel Coast to Persia.


It was solely round the starting of the nineteenth century that Europeans finally gained some plan on however Wootz steel was being made. European travelers to India, like Francis Buchanan, Benjamin Heyne, and Henry Wesley Volsey, recorded in their accounts that the Indians were manufacturing Wootz steel using a melting pot method.

The Crucible Process

The melting pot process is one in all the 3 main varieties of iron manufacture used throughout the pre-modern amount, the opposite 2 being the bloomery and also the furnace. The melting pot method involves the location of AN iron supply, like bloomery iron or Fe, and carbon-rich materials, like wood chips, into a clay melting pot.


This vessel is then closed and heated over a amount of many days at a temperature of between 1300 °C and 1400 °C. As a results of this, the carbon is absorbed by the iron, lowering its melting point, and inflicting it to liquefy. This addition of carbon to iron (which is between I Chronicles and 2%) additionally imparts bound qualities, like high malleability, high impact strength, and reduced crispiness, to the new product. unneeded to mention, these are fascinating qualities for the creating of blades. once a slow cooling method, the Wootz cakes were able to be exported, and to be intentional into blades.

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